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ENGINES ON is an employment website with the mission to help people to find their ideal job and for companies to be able to hire their ideal candidates in the shortest time possible, improving the user experience during their access to the labor market. Currently, it has more than 200,000 companies registered. 

To propel their platform, they turned to Product Hackers to increase the total volume of job inscriptions on part of the candidates, and consequently their turnover.

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“Product Hackers´ vision gave us the power to make decisions. The option that is, numerically, slightly better than the rest goes against what the competition does. Should we stand out and use the order that give the best results but is different from the rest of the platforms? Or do we reaffirm what will improve our current situation and facilitate the transition of candidates between sites? The answer is on your screen…”.

Pablo Rodríguez

Pablo Rodríguez

Data Leader in CornerJob

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In the first analysis, we detected that the search bar for the job offer website was not intuitive, nor did it offer an effective way to look for job offers like on other sites by the competition.

We identified that applying for job offers is a quality indicator that increases the perceived value by the users, and that they should facilitate these desired results for the user based on their searches.

For this reason, we launched several quick experiments to reduce the Time to Value. In order to optimize the validation process and save in effort and feature development, we used Smoke Tests.

If you’d like to know more about how we tripled CornerJob’s income, with a 241% increase on job applications, download the complete case study.

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