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+37.51% in traffic acquisition

La Razón

La Razón Improve its Comscore Ranking in Comscore2017 2017

From 3 to 4.5 million monthly visitors

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Every media source has a primary goal to appear in the highest possible Comscore ranking among audiences for digital media outlets. The higher the ranking, the higher the income from advertisers who invest in top-ranked media. 

And this was the reason why La Razón embarked on the mission with Product Hackers: to climb spots in their Comscore ranking and increase their revenue.

La Razón /Testimonial

“Digital media sources know that with the subscription system, the numbers don’t work out. Being able to rely on a digital lab, testing new business models based on information-related services, is, currently, the only viable future, but very few of them are dedicating the necessary efforts. In this case high-effort actions were carried out that had a high impact”.

Luis Díaz del Dedo

Luis Díaz del Dedo

CEO & Founder of Product Hackers



By way of a minute analysis, we went in-depth on La Razón´s data, on user behavior and on the competition.

From there, we worked on three points to improve, SEO ranking, external traffic generators and the audience.

La Razón was able to achieve the 13th position on the Comscore ranking and to add every month an additional one million unique visitors to this ranking.

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