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NeuronUp Improve user conversion and activation 2020

We tripled the number of customers in just 3 months

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ENGINES ON is a SaaS for health professionals who work with cognitive rehabitiliation and stimulation. It is a platform that has won several prizes since its launch in 2012 and is currently in 25 countries.

Their CEO, Iñigo Fernández de Piérola,  made their needs clear to us: “We need to unblock our growth. We have a high volume of traffic but few product trials and a low customer conversion rate.”

This is one of the most complicated challenges facing a SaaS: activating users. But, who said that has to be scary? So, here at Product Hackers we gravitate towards challenging projects and this is one of them.

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“Simplifying is complicated, but when it is done well, the impact is outstanding. In NeuronUP´s case, we did an excellent job comprehending and simplifying that, in addition to other techniques and the collaborative effort of the NeuronUp team to undertake each task, generated a spectacular result”.

Luis Díaz del Dedo

Luis Díaz del Dedo

CEO & Founder of Product Hackers

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To achieve NeuronUp´s Growth goals, we focused on two essential phases of their funnel: 1) user acquisition, 2) activation in order to convert trial users to paying customers.

We simplified the pricing page, improved their email marketing strategy, and gamified the user experience, among other actions.

If you’d like to know more about how we tripled the number of customers in just 3 months, download the complete case study for free.

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