+60,92% Revenue

Sesame is a software that facilitates digital employee management, used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide.

The challenge is clear: optimize the initial phases of the funnel (user acquisition and activation) to increase Sesame's final turnover (conversion of trial customers to paying customers).

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60,92% conversion rate to paying customers

La Razón

TOP 10 Comscore

We show you the power of SOLID Growth to go through TOP 10 in Comscore ranking with La Razón.

Find out how we improve the user experience, optimize the use of technology and acquire more and better audience shares.

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In Comscore's Top 10


+241% Users activation

This is how we increased the total number of registrations for job offers on the CornerJob website by improving the user experience.

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More than triple the number of registered users


+219% User conversion and activation

With NeuronUp, our mission was to improve conversion in the user registration and activation stage. Do you want to know more about how we did it?

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219% increase in paying customers

La Razón

+37,51% Traffic Acquisition

The North Star of any media outlet is its Comscore's ranking.
This is our formula to increase by 89% the number of unique users in the digital version of La Razón´s newspaper.

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+37.51% in traffic acquisition


+49% Income

To increase the sale of their Wuolah Coins, we generated an experiment and divided it into two phases: a change in the pricing model and a complete redesign of the pricing landing.

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+49% Increase in income