Growth for results, not for problems

At Product Hackers, we focus on accelerating Growth for your company or digital product in order to make it the most solid, efficient and profitable long term, using our scientific method of continual experimentation, SOLID Growth.

Make better business decisions that are more reliable and with proven results based on data from each stage of your funnel.

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One Growth to rule them all

Product Hackers isn’t about digital marketing, where creativity can be placed in front of ROI or being objective when decisions have to be made.

Nor do we practice any type of Guru Growth and promise fast results without a scientific approach or vision of the future.

We do scientific Growth, that is sustainable and scalable on a long-term basis, with objective data that has been compared and contrasted.

We impulse your company or digital product’s Growth, multiplying the results at each stage of the funnel, (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral) in the shortest possible time, testing and experimenting each Growth strategy independently of your team.

We work nonstop to find the Growth Levers to launch your company to the next level.

GROWTH based success

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+219% User conversion and activation Conversión
With NeuronUp, our mission was to improve conversion in the user registration and activation stage. Do you want to know more about how we did it?
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219% increase in paying customers


+60,92% Revenue Conversión
Sesame is a software that facilitates digital employee management, used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide.

The challenge is clear: optimize the initial phases of the funnel (user acquisition and activation) to increase Sesame’s final turnover (conversion of trial customers to paying customers).
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60,92% conversion rate to paying customers

La Razón

TOP 10 Comscore Conversión
We show you the power of SOLID Growth to go through TOP 10 in Comscore ranking with La Razón.

Find out how we improve the user experience, optimize the use of technology and acquire more and better audience shares.
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In Comscore’s Top 10


+241% Users activation Conversión
This is how we increased the total number of registrations for job offers on the CornerJob website by improving the user experience.
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More than triple the number of registered users

La Razón

+37,51% Traffic Acquisition Conversión
The North Star of any media outlet is its Comscore’s ranking.
This is our formula to increase by 89% the number of unique users in the digital version of La Razón´s newspaper.
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+37.51% in traffic acquisition


+49% Income Conversión
To increase the sale of their Wuolah Coins, we generated an experiment and divided it into two phases: a change in the pricing model and a complete redesign of the pricing landing.
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+49% Increase in income

How SOLID Growth works

SOLID Growth Mothership PH Canvas Método IAF
SOLID Growth

SOLID Growth Service

Growth can multiply the issues you encounter on a daily basis: more ambitious commercial objectives, investments in marketing with a higher return, having the fierce competition nipping at your heels, hiring and forming an expert team in innovation and technology… 

To accompany you on this journey, Product Hackers has designed the first Growth service of its type in Spain, based on their own scientific method for iterative experimenting that has been used in more than 60 top brands, like Zara, Sony Music, La Razon, Wuloah, Verti… 

Companies that have had their incomes maximized, secured their commercial ranking and that have grown exponentially and sustainably over time. 

With SOLID Growth we make it easy for you.

Mothership, High Impact Ideas

The Product Hackers crew puts its brains to work in this process to generate high-impact ideas and hypotheses (Mothership) for your company or digital product.  

It is the perfect combination of the knowledge and experience from our different experts in Growth, CRO, Activation, Gamifying, Communication, Buyer Psychology, Development and Product to overcome any obstacle that could stand in the way of your Growth. 

All the high-impact ideas are centered around concrete actions to propel your company’s spaceship.

Product Hackers’ Canvas, maximum definition

In our scientific methodology, we created a tool called the Product Hackers Canvas where we analyze each stage of your sales funnel, and establish concrete objectives with the corresponding KPI’s to guide us at every step.

This tool is also where we include all the actions (experiments) we are going to carry out with your user at each phase of the funnel. 

It is the detailed Growth Strategy that will allow us to navigate our ships toward the designated objective (North Star).

High-Frequency Iteration

We generate the highest number of experiments in the least amount of time possible to validate or disprove, as quickly as possible, the hypotheses and high-impact ideas we proposed.  

With our High-Frequency Iterations (IAF Method), we are able to extract data and apply the learnings from each experiment in order to put the next iteration into production at maximum speed, creating new ideas and hypotheses that will allow us to achieve the expected Growth results.


Go, Go, Go! Forget about the latest hunch, about repeating what you know didn’t work, about copying the latest trends that don’t give you results, about those fast results that are few and far between and can’t sustain you in the long run, and forget about complex investments that only give you headaches.

Prepared for Landing

Prepared for Landing

Scientific Methodology used and applied in over 60 companies, that empower you to make more secure and efficient business decisions.

Our Crew at your service

Our Crew at your service

A dedicated Growth Team independent of your company, so you don’t have to worry about hiring or training staff.

Ignition and lift off in 3, 2, 1…

Ignition and lift off in 3, 2, 1…

A personalized Growth Strategy adapted to your company’s needs, to give you the most informed, realistic vision.

Experimentation at supersonic speed

Experimentation at supersonic speed

Access to an exclusive customer area, so you can be up-to-date in the latest developments with all the work carried out.

A Shared Space Travel Log: Shared Mission Data

A Shared Space Travel Log: Shared Mission Data

Know-how compiled from all the data gathered in experimentation at your access to integrate in your company and guide your future strategic decisions for growth.

+60 companies trust us for Growth


The Best Crew

Product Hackers is a clear example of personal and professional growth. Since our inception, in 2017, and in less than 4 years, we have grown from 5 crew members with just €3,000 in capital, to a crew of over 35 experts in Growth, Development and Product with earnings of over one million euros. From working exclusively for one client to doing Growth for more than 60 top brands and companies from every type of sector, our Space Station has travelled light years across dark nebulas on this mission to achieve our objective: conquering the galaxy.

Know us

Here´s what they´re saying about us:

“After Covid-19, we aren’t going to live in a different world, but it is true that the speed of certain changes is increasing.”

“Digitalizing your company won´t assure your survival, and, in fact, it has its own challenges, but not digitalizing your company could lead to your disappearance.”

“For me, Growth is like an umbrella. Under that umbrella there are many methodologies that you can use, depending on where you want to create an impact.”

“We analyzed the sales funnel, saw the phases where there was the largest loss in customers and detected the largest areas for improvement. Once we found those areas, we posed hypotheses on how to improve them.”

“It´s about optimizing the entire product funnel to maximize revenue. Finding the metrics that help us to know that the product is performing well.”

“What we do is to analyze everything that happens during the stage of contracting and using the service so that the customers use it for as long as possible.”

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